Announcing AudFest’s 2019 Music & Dance Short Film Festival Winners

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AudPop is super excited to announce the top five winners of the AudFest 2019 Music & Dance Short Film Festival. There were numerous submissions and so many great films, but we got it narrowed down to the top five.

1st Place Winner - Vulnerable Rally Rise Mikey Pauker - Gabriel Diamond

1st Place Winner – Vulnerable Rally Rise Mikey Pauker

Gabriel Diamond, filmmaker

 Vulnerable Rally Rise short film challenges people to display their fears on cardboard for any passersby to see. An interactive connectedness occurs when the passersby engage with the ones holding the signs. They soon find their feelings and experiences interlace and reflect one another.

“Seeing the way folks walking by would either ignore us or be incredibly moved or join us and make signs was fascinating. As you can tell, from watching the film, there were some powerful connections between strangers. That’s the power of vulnerability: it’s contagious.

Mikey Pauker did such a beautiful job performing in this piece. He let his heart be seen in a tender way that’s rarely seen in music videos.

If anyone would like to find out more about our project, they can visit Thank you for supporting this work.”

– Gabriel Diamond

To follow Gabriel Diamond’s work, start here.

2nd Place Winner - The Best - Stimulus X Stinhow - Katrin Krautgasser

2nd Place Winner – The Best – Stimulus X Stinhow

Katrin Krautgasser, filmmaker

The Best – Stimulus X Stinhow short film engages the audience through lively music and lots of dancing. You won’t be able to stop yourself from moving. If you’d like to see more of Katrin Krautgasser’s work and learn what she’s up to next, check her out here.

3rd Place Winner - New Leaf - Julia Armine

3rd Place Winner – New Leaf

Julia Armine, filmmaker

New Leaf expresses grief and loss of a parent through music and dance, and though the loss is inevitable and unbearable, there is an emergence of remembrance and acceptance. If you’re interested in learning more about Julia Armine’s work, please go here.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention - Suckr for Love - Nathalie Kraemer

Suckr for Love – Nathalie Kraemer, filmmaker

Suckr for Love is an animated film expounding on a young girl’s search for love. If you’re interested in learning more about Nathalie Kraemer’s work, please check her out here.

Honorable Mention - Aeternum - Rajiv Malu

Aeternum – Rajiv Malu, filmmaker

Aeternum delivers a choreographed story of a couple during war times in the British India Empire. You can learn more about Rajiv Malu’s work here.

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