3 Epic Travel Video Marketing Campaigns You Need to Learn From

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Check out the top 3 AudPop Travel Video Marketing Campaigns Case Studies

AudPop is the world’s best video platform to run travel video marketing campaigns. We work especially well for travel video marketing campaigns. here are three of our favorites.

Travel Video Marketing Campaigns increase audience engagement and travel customers.


Video Contest Call to Action: submit 30-60 second videos that show us what there is to love about Virginia

Video Marketing Campaign Results:

Rights to 54 original videos

3M Social Impressions

“We were impressed with the video submissions, communication, and teamwork” Virginia Office of Tourism

The jury members of the Virginia is for Film Lovers video campaign


Video Contest Call to Action: In a 1-minute video, show our unique view of Colorado.

Video Marketing Campaign Results: Rights to 59 original videos

3M Social Impressions

“We were able to showcase the untapped potential of our unique locations for the rest of the world to see.” Donald Zuckerman, CO Film Commissioner


Video Contest Call to Action: Whether it’s the Beaches, the Cityscape, Hollywood, the food or the people, we want to see what you think makes LA what it is today. Submit a film, 5 minutes or less.

Video Marketing Campaign Results:

41 Video Submissions

2M social impressions

“We love these videos featuring LA! They are increasing our leads.”

AudNews is the official blog for AudPop.com. AudPop is a video network built for brands.

We offer turnkey video campaigns to crowdsource videos from your customers about your brand and generate new customer leads.  
With video campaigns, you receive:
1. Videos that you want/need for/about your brand and mission

2. Customer engagement

3. Organic reach into your customer’s social networks

4. New sales leads through lead generation tools within the campaigns.

Additionally, we provide our 70K global diverse filmmakers opportunities to advance their career, a short film library of 10,000+ titles.

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